Silk Story


EarthenSilk™ specializes in exclusive, organic mud silk apparel. Mud silk is one of the highest grade silk available in today‚Äôs market.

Mud silk originates from the Ming dynasty (~1406 AD). It gets its name from the dyeing process, where the fabric is soaked in layers of mud and dyed in pure yam juice and grass. The mud silk manufacturing process is purely manual and extremely labor intensive, altogether needing 14 procedures. This process makes its quantity very limited. The fabric is actually rolled in mud from the bottom of a river to achieve the color, patina, and almost buttery texture for that you see in our products. The material is then exposed to sunlight 30-40 hours creating varied and stunning tortoise-shell patterns in a fabric that is both elegant and durable. Mud silk is valued for its timeless beauty, and it is the finest silk fabric currently available.

EarthenSilk™ strives to capture the beauty of ancient mud silk with a thoroughly modern flair. We make exclusive prints in mud silk and give them new life with our time tested craftsmanship and designs. Our technique is unique; especially since mud silk is delicate and difficult to work with to achieve the level of quality we require for our products. Every EarthenSilk™ piece is made from mud silk of the rarest dye and cut, and finished completely by hand to perfection. At EarthenSilk™, we pride ourselves on taking this timeless fabric to the next level with our signature designs and exquisite hand-crafted details.

Qualities of Our Signature Mud Silk:

  • Organic, hand-woven, hand-dyed
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Dust Resistant
  • Weightless and Comfortable
  • Easy to Care for (see Care Section)
  • Handmade, thus Limited in Quantity


  • Best to be hand wash with cold water detergent, hang dry,
    warm iron if needed.
  • Dry clean ok.

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